How To Activate Your Lycamobile PRELOADED Sim Card:


  • Lycamobile PRELOADED Sim Cards purchased from 808-Célular, LLC, are Activated the same way from those purchased from the Lycamobile Website; instructions are on the back, to guide you, where you can either Activate it yourself, or you may have your nearest Lycamobile Retail Dealer assist you from their Lycamobile Portal. Your Plan, even before purchased, is already preloaded with your purchased monthly plan; once Activated, your time will start automatically.
  • If you purchased your Lycamobile PRELOADED Sim Card was purchased from a 3rd party, then you should always read the note on the sim cards, because Lycamobile sold the API to many different wholesalers and they choose their own way to activate the Lycamobile sim cards.
  • If you bought the Lycamobile preloaded sim card from another Dealer than 808-Célular, LLC, whether on Amazon, or elsewhere, then you should go back and ensure you understand how you are to Activate your Lycamobile PRELOADED Sim Card, because every dealer have their own process allowed by Lycamobile.
  • To Activate your Lycamobile PRELOADED Sim Card, “Everything you need to Activate your Plan is inside of your Lycamobile PRELOADED Sim Card, with the Instructions on back of your package.”
    • First, simply insert the Sim Card into your phone, dial 622, then follow the audible voice prompt, which asks you to enter your desired Zip Code; upon completion of the Activation process, your phone number will be texted to your phone. AT this point you can now make phone calls, your plan is now activated; your internet Configuration is also now set automatically.
    • TIPS: For best Activation of your Lycamobile PRELOADED Sim Card: 1) Be outside where the Internet Towers can pick up reception best. 2) Restart your phone. 3) Receiving of your phone number via text could take up to 5 minutes to process thoroughly.

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