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NOTE: All Lycamobile Plans comes with Unlimited Talk, Text and Data, Free International Texting and Calling to 75+ Preselected Countries:

For “New SIM Card and Plan Activation”:

We give you a fast, easy, and secure way to Activate your New Lycamobile SIM Card and Plan to your phone with few easy steps… 

Affordable Lycamobile Plans:

$19+1GB, $23+2GB, $29+5GB, $35+7GB, $39+15GB, $45+10GB & $50+Unlimited, 4G LTE Data.

First step: For SIM Card Plan Activation, choose one of the many affordable from that we have available above, that fits your budget…

Second step is to follow the instructions for Activation, below:

  • Activations:
    • TAC Number (First 8 digits of IMEIoptional)
    • IMEI Number (optional)
    • SIM CARD*
    • Network*
    • Plan*
    • ZIP Code*


  • Port Ins:
    • PHONE # TO PORT*
    • ACCOUNT #* (Get this information from your Current Carrier)
    • PIN* (Get this information from your Current Carrier)


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  • After payment our system will recharge your phone automatically


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